ABB – Safety League


Reinforce, among company employees, the importance of following the workplace safety practices. The action took place during the “Safety Week 2018”, a week dedicated to lectures and presentations on the theme, aiming at fighting accidents and lowering risks.



Through the creative concept based in “Superhero Comic Books”, 4 “Nearly Hero” characters were created, with names inspired in the cities were ABB offices and factories are located. The heroes’ purpose, who collectively formed the “ABB Safety League”, was to help employees identifying and preventing risks, incorporated in the villain “Risk” and his associates “Complacency”, “Fatigue”, “Frustration” and “Hurry”.

For such, a comic book was created, as well as several internal communication materials to be placed in the company’s units, games, gifts and messages with the characters’ voices to generate greater empathy and engagement.


1,500 employees impacted

20 thousand messages submitted via WhatsApp

Opening rate of 70%

1,500 gifts delivered

Employee behavior map based on interaction behavior

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