Culture & Engagement

Organizational culture is how a company is perceived internally and externally. It considers values, priorities, beliefs, habits and is the essence of an organization. A good culture influences the employee's engagement. It contributes to a positive workplace where it is possible for employees to create different connections with a company, which go far beyond of compensation and benefits.

An engaged employee has a strong bond with the company he/she works for, which will contribute to his productivity, better working climate, sense of belonging and the company's good reputation. After all, those who work in organizations which experience culture on a daily basis are the first and greatest brand ambassadors.

At Imagem Corporativa we believe that all these opportunities can be identified and addressed in different ways. As a result, we offer your company a variety of solutions:

Ícone Leadership


Ícone Employee communication

Employee communication

Ícone Onboarding


Ícone Employee experience

Employee experience

Ícone Trainings and workshops

Trainings and workshops

Ícone Strategic Content and Design

Strategic Content and Design

Ícone International benchmarking

International benchmarking

Ícone Monitoring and analysis

Monitoring and analysis

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