Client Sanofi: The Power Of The Lap

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Present to journalists and influencers the purpose of the Novalgina brand, which believes in the “power of the lap”, family care and affection to promote a healthy life. Placing the Novalgina brand in the lead role, being a content provider on the power of the lap and partner of parents in their child’s rearing. Make way for medical specialists, parents and influencers to exchange experiences on the power of the lap.


Promote conversation circles in which medical specialists, parents and influencers could exchange experiences on the power of the lap, in four locations: São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

The action showed to be assertive regarding the brand positioning strategy, which embraced the cause of the affection importance in family and interpersonal relations, expanding the spectrum of care for all, in addition to boosting this surprising emotional bond with a drug brand. Novalgina, with over 90 years of presence in Brazilian people’s lives, has achieved this goal! The project was made in partnership with Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare and Communication and Marketing area departments.


  • 25 special articles produced in regional and national vehicles
  • R$ 2.9 million in spontaneous media
  • Reaching of 7,296,010 people in published articles
  • 76 journalists and influencers present in events
  • 13,435,258 people impacted in social media
  • 63 spontaneous posts in social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter)
  • 1,360 Instagram stories
  • 12 lives during events