General Data Protection Act  (GDPL)

Law No. 13,709/18 was approved in August 2018 with the aim of establishing the rules and principles that should govern data protection in Brazil. Imagem Corporativa, concerned with data protection and guaranteeing the privacy rights of its customers, has sought to be as transparent as possible in relation to its data processing activities. Therefore, we have prepared this page to better guide you with some basic information about the new law, your rights, and how IC treats your personal data.

Imagem Corporativa and GDPL

Imagem Corporativa seeks to follow the principles and standards established by the LGPD, making sure that the rights of data subjects involved in the company’s activities are fully guaranteed. To this end, it maintains an open communication channel and makes its Privacy Policy available, which describes, in more detail, the measures adopted here. To resolve any doubts regarding the protection of your data and your privacy rights, please contact us via email:


IC will analyze all messages received and respond to them as determined by the LGPD. It is important to point out that not always all these requests can be met by IC, for example, in the case of data that cannot be deleted due to the legal obligation to keep them stored.


  • Does Imagem Corporativa process any of my personal data?
  • What personal data of mine does Imagem Corporativa handle?
  • My data is wrong. I would like to correct them.
  • I do not agree with the way my data is being treated and would like to request a review.
  • I would like to request the deletion of my data. 

Responsible for GDPL at Imagem Corporativa

In charge The Data Protection Officer at IC is Camargo & Vieira Sociedade de Advogados, which can be contacted by e-mail