Client LIBBS: Yellow September

IC English


Make Libbs a leader in the discussion about suicide and depression, creating engagement with different audiences during Yellow September.


  • To organize a free chat for the audience with a psychiatrist and Youtuber. To engage people on the theme and guarantee a massive attendance on the event day, the following 360° actions were proposed:
  • Adaptation of exhibition of dance project against depression in Virtual Reality for submittal to influencers and opinion leaders
  • Street furniture (digital clocks at Av. Paulista)
  • Distribution of yellow roses with invitations
  • Press kits send to influencers
  • National press disclosure and Facebook event, with boost


  • 1.5 million people impacted at Av. Paulista
  • 350 thousand people in the exhibit
  • Over 20 thousand people impacted by influencers
  • 16 press publications
  • 500 roses distributed