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Communication strategies based on trends and research

Imagem Corporativa data and trends core produces
metrics for objectively assessing brand reputation and
companies, using methodologies that combine sources
primary and secondary, establishing parameters of
benchmarking and standards segmented by sector.

We use a robust methodology to ensure
accurate analysis and valuable insights into the
brand reputation and communication.

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    Advanced Statistical Analysis

    We employ advanced statistical techniques to analyze a vast amount of data, allowing us to identify patterns and trends crucial for strategic communication and image management.

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    Historical Evolution Monitoring

    We monitor the evolution of image and communication over time, providing diagnoses that reflect not only the current state, but also the trajectory of brands in the market.

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    Combination of Primary and Secondary Sources

    We combine information from primary and secondary sources to build a detailed and reliable picture, establishing benchmarks and standards segmented by sector, essential for effective benchmarking.


Analysis and Diagnosis

Statistical and historical analyses: Statistical analyzes provide a comprehensive overview of the evolution and impact of actions on the image of brands and companies.

Crisis tracking and diagnosis: Through quantitative and qualitative tracking of communication vectors, both on social networks and news content platforms, the center carries out rapid diagnoses of possible crises and offers support for action plans.

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Tailor-made solutions
to amplify your
communication and

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    Communication and Reputation

    Description of how these indicators help monitor a brand's presence and influence in the media and in public conversations.

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    Image Barometer

    A tool that measures public perception of brand image over time, helping to identify opportunities and risks.

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    Image Booster

    Quantitative and qualitative analysis of how specific themes impact brand reputation.

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    Media Planning

    Studies on the most effective vehicles and means to transmit specific messages, using proprietary metrics.

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    Survey of messages with high potential appeal, adapted to the repertoire of the market.

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    Spike Analysis

    Continuous monitoring of organic and activated Share of Voice, with analysis of mention peaks and relevance.

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    Tone of Voice and Barometer Scale Evolution

    Monitoring changes in tone of voice and brand perception, essential for diagnosing normal conditions and emergency crises.


Collaboration that
transcends borders

To develop metrics and collect data, Imagem Corporativa relies on local partners and important international institutes, such as Grady College – University of Georgia’s Digital Journalism Lab, USA, and OpiniumInstitute based in London, which maintains online panels representative of the populations of countries in Europe and the USA.

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